That’s What Makes You Beautiful – The Playlist


Writing, researching, compiling, and sharing memories with my contributors for my boy band zine has been the most fun I’ve had as a writer to date. I was transported back to my child and teen self, and I discovered a new love and appreciation for boy bands like One Direction and New Edition.

I’m incredibly excited to release my new zine, That’s what makes you beautiful (Girl II Woman: my dedication to boy bands)

To complete my zine, I’ve compiled a playlist of the best known songs I listed next to each of the featured 29 boy bands. One version comes via Spotify (embedded below).

I spent hours researching each group; I watched endless video clips, many of which feature classic music and pop culture moments. So, it would be remiss of me not to include the YouTube links to the video clips (or TV/concert footage in some cases) to each of the tracks as a second version, on this, my interpretation of a boy band best of compilation.

Without encouragement, I could have created a 1000-page zine dedicated to boy bands, and by extension a 1000-hour long playlist. In lieu of that, I invite you to share a link, video, memory or article about your favourite boy band in the comments below.

To purchase a copy of my zine (AUD5) you can do so by:

  1. Emailing me on my contact form to request a copy be posted to you (AUD6 including postage)
  2. Picking one up at Sticky Institute, located in Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station subway.
  3. Visiting me at my table at the Melbourne Art Book Fair on Saturday 18 March, 10.30am-2.30pm at the NGV. I’ll also be selling my two previous zines:
    • New York, I Love You (an ode to the city of my dreams)
    • rare and magical (because redheads are the unicorns of the human species)

But first…

The Spotify collection:


The YouTube collection:

  1. I Swear, All-4-One (1994)
  2. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), Backstreet Boys (1997)
  3. Bye Bye Baby, Bay City Rollers (1975)
  4. Surfin’ USA, The Beach Boys (1964)
  5. Love Me Do, The Beatles (1962)
  6. All Rise, Blue (2001)
  7. I’ll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men (1994)
  8. No Matter What, Boyzone (1998)
  9. House of Love, East 17 (1994)
  10. When the Lights Go Out, 5ive (1998)
  11. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), The Four Tops (1965) [performance from 1967]
  12. Sherry, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (1962) [medley performance from the mid- 60s]
  13. MMMBop, Hanson (1997)
  14. Every Time You Cry, Human Nature with John Farnham (1997)
  15. ABC, The Jackson 5 (1970)
  16. Burnin’ Up, Jonas Brothers (2008)
  17. Hey Hey We’re the Monkees, The Monkees (1966)
  18. Candy Girl, New Edition (1983)
  19. Step by Step, New Kids on the Block (1990)
  20. I Do (Cherish You), 98 Degrees (1998)
  21. Bye Bye Bye, *NSYNC (2002)
  22. All or Nothing, O-Town (2001)
  23. What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction (2011)
  24. Dance With Me, 112 (2001)
  25. One Bad Apple, The Osmonds/The Osmond Brothers (1970)
  26. Back for Good, Take That (1995)
  27. My Girl, The Temptations (1964)
  28. Anything, 3T (1995)
  29. When You’re Looking Like That, Westlife (2000)

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