Poland is so much more…

Hardmans do Europe

At the end of the last blog, we were getting ready to jump on the overnight train from Vienna to Krakow, so I guess I should tell you a little about that first. Our train arrived at 10:35pm and we were directed on board quite quickly to squeeze into our two-berth cabin for the night. Jeremy and I have done many overnight trains before, all through south-east Asia though, so we were keen to experience a European overnight train. Oh how I ate my words! Neither of us slept one tiny bit. Not one bit. The track was incredibly bumpy, the train suddenly braked and it rocked almost to the point of falling out of the bed. The overnight train in Vietnam was better (other than that one time there was a man-eating cockroach in our cabin!).  Anyway, we pin every experience, good and bad down to just that, an experience!

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