Hardmans do Europe

I have been to the killing fields in Cambodia, where the ground you walk on still has teeth, bullets, shoes, bones…the unimaginable stuck in time, stuck in dirt. If it wasn’t so real, the feeling, the evidence, the tears, you wouldn’t think it was real. I have seen the atrocities of the Vietnam War, millions of Vietnamese killed or maimed, from a war the Vietnamese call The American War. I have stood at Ground Zero, before the memorial was built, when it was just a giant, gaping wound in heart of New York city, swallowed by an eerie silence of the dead, with only the footage I saw as a 12 year old girl playing in my mind, of people choosing to jump from the 80th floor, rather than be burned or crushed to death. I have stood at the ruins of the now called ‘A-Bomb Dome’, in Hiroshima, just some of…

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