Just Roman Around- Part 2

Hardmans do Europe

5:00 am. It’s dark outside. We’re awake.

We pulled open the windows and pushed open the shutters and peaked outside to a still, peaceful, quiet Rome below. I guess there are perks to being awake before the city. The sun made its presence known at 7:10 am, which was our cue to hit the pavement. Today’s goal: the Colosseum! Our new favourite thing to do is stand at the bar of a cafe and order two espresso’s, sprinkled with a touch of sugar for our inexperienced palates. Our caffeine-coursed veins pumped us to our goal, past the cake of Rome, the monument of Vittorio Emanuel II, silhouetted beautifully by the morning sun. Mounting the corner to the left of Vittorio we spied remnants of the Roman Forum and to my sheer delight, the Colosseum.


You see, last time we were in Rome, I just had to see the Colosseum the…

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