Bologna, Parma and Modena – Food Tour

Hardmans do Europe

I am sitting here writing this from Cinque Terre- a slice of paradise.

But first, back to Bologna. We spent a great 5 nights exploring and resting. Our trip is getting more and more relaxing as we go on, exactly what a honeymoon should feel like. Certainly things will be more hectic in other cities, but for now we are pretty zen.

Our first full day in Bologna, was in fact not in Bologna. It was food tour day, which meant journeys to Modena and Parma. Standing outside our hotel at a chilly and dark 7am, we were picked up by our driver for the day, Christiano- who rather resembled an Italian mobster, I love him already! A 45 minute drive as the sun rose, we arrived at our first foodie experience- a Parmigiano reggiano factory- for us non-European folk, Parmesan cheese. Alessandro, our guide for the day, enthusiatically greeted us…

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