Run with it…

A woman’s identity is complex, she can be many things to many people. But what’s most important is who she for herself. But this can adapt when she moves to a new phase in her life – and that’s ok, so when she finds her feet it will be great!

Hardmans do Europe

It has been a week. We have moved out of our beloved unit. It was an equally easy and hard move. It was easy because we were organised and the move day went as smoothly as could be. It was hard because we loved our little unit. It was our love nest, the place Jeremy proposed. Our Unit 11 will always be special to us. We were boyfriend and girlfriend there, fiancés and for 2 months, husband and wife. Suffice to say it was and always will be our Unit 11, our home.

The move meant something bigger though. It has taken us one step closer to Europe. This year so far has been event after event, milestone after milestone, to get us to Europe. In my mind at least, I saw this year in this order:

  1. Get married
  2. Finish my Masters
  3. Go to Congress (big annual, interstate work event)
  4. Move house

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