Feminist Love for the Kardashians

People are always surprised when I share that I love the Kardashians. The standard reactions are, “but I thought you were a feminist” and “I can’t believe you love something so vain and dumb”. But I absolutely, unashamedly love Keeping Up with them. I follow Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kris, as well as Rob, Brandon, Leah, Brody, Caitlin and Scott on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love Keeping Up with Kim’s photo shoots, Kendall’s couture runway shows, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s Kardashian Kollection lines, and Caitlin’s new life. Earlier this year I binge-watched all ten seasons of KUWTK, along with Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I loved every second!

And every true Kardashian fan has their favourite. Mine has always been Kim – she’s the most beautiful, loves the hardest and is a no bullshit kind of woman. Although Kendall’s stunning work for Balmain, Dior, Chanel and Calvin Klein means she comes in at a close second.

Perfection: my all-time favourite look of Kim Kardashian at the 2014 Met Gala (photo credit: eonline.com)
Perfection: my all-time favourite look of Kim Kardashian at the 2014 Met Gala (photo credit: eonline.com)
Moment of arrival: Kendall Jenner at the 2015 amfAR Gala, Cannes (photo credit: Marie Claire UK)
She’s arrived: Kendall Jenner at the 2015 amfAR Gala, Cannes (photo credit: Marie Claire UK)

I understand why people can’t stand them – you know, the people who hate them so much but still comment and rant about how much they hate them on everything that comes through their Facebook news feed. To be fair, they are everywhere, and purposely so. Brand Kardashian is far reaching, with businesses and endorsements for everything from fashion lines to energy drinks to apps to hair extension products to makeup lines and teeth whiteners. They are far from rocket scientists, but they’re not stupid. Kris is regularly seen on their reality show imploring the girls that she has their best interests at heart, encouraging them to protect and plan for their futures. And mother always knows best. They are well aware that eventually, their bubble will burst. But until then – and there are no signs that they are going anywhere any time soon – they will take whatever opportunity comes their way and turn it into their brand and another headline.

There will always be critics of this family – now so entrenched in our pop culture – who insist that that they’re fake, insufferable, stupid sluts who contribute nothing of worth to society. I couldn’t disagree more, and I will always defend their place they’ve carved for themselves – a place we as consumers laid the platform for. Physically, they are wonderful role models. These woman acknowledge their self-confidence but also their insecurities, they each their own body type in all their beautiful and flawed glory. They are upfront about the fact that it takes a lot of work and money to look the way they do, through their hair and makeup, and dieting and exercise routines, and the work they’ve had done (for example, Kourtney’s breast implants and (eventually) Kylie’s lip fillers). They are also, in particular Kim and Kris, excellent businesswomen, and they all proudly strike the balance of also being family-orientated women.

Kim recently declared herself a feminist (albeit reluctantly, but baby steps!) which makes perfect sense for her and her family. These women know what they want and who they are. There is nothing more empowering and powerful than a woman who owns who she is, her strengths, choices and future. And the Kardashians are an empowering and powerful family.


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