Home is where the heart is

I heart Japan! (photo credit: the oyster blogger)

Brisbane can be described as many things – idyllic, a great place to raise a family, big city look – small town feel, centre of the Sunshine State, a new world city – “Brisvegas”, fun, colourful and casual.

Brisvegeans (Brisbanites?) are incredibly proud of their city (and State), as most people are of their home town, often at the expense of their nationality: Queenslander first, Australian second. I admire those who have this passion, but also find it embarrassing; screaming inside my head “BUT, WHY?!” In fact, I’ve not-so-accidently said it out loud on numerous occasions.

Your home needs to make you feel comfortable but also inspire you to go outside your comfort zone. There is no worse a feeling than the one of suffocation. I describe Brisbane as suffocating – and not just because it’s hot and humid 10 months of the year. It’s a place that I find to be uninspiring, and quite honestly, boring. In the 16 years I lived in Brisbane I never once felt inspired or excited by or for the city. The best thing I have ever done in my life is move from Brisbane to a place that is, in my experience, the complete opposite of where I have come from. Melbourne is exactly what I need right now. However, it will eventually run its course before I go looking for my next home, adventure and inspiration: New York City, or maybe Tokyo, Sydney or somewhere in Europe.

“Home is where the heart is” is a phrase that is commonly implied to mean that your home is where your family is, which is true to a point. I will always find my way back to Brisbane as long as my parents, sister and her husband-to-be and their future children will be there (although I do hold out desperate hope that one day they’ll move!). But you need more than the foundation of family to complete your home – your home is where you find it, where your heart feels its best.

So for all my Brisbane friends and family whose heart feels its best in Brisbane – from now on, I will try harder to respect that even if I don’t like it, in the same way you have all respected my choice and my heart to be where I am – even though most of you don’t like it (Mum! xx)


One thought on “Home is where the heart is

  1. You basically summed up how I feel about growing up in, and moving out of, Orlando, Fla. I now love visiting my friends who still live there, but I got everything I could get out of that city from the 15 years I lived there.

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