I live in Melbourne, Australia, and work as an event coordinator. In 2015, I completed my Graduate Diploma in Journalism – finally ticking the dream off my list!

Check out the Archives and Category Cloud to see my articles. I have written about feminism, dating, rugby league, travel, things that I love, and people who inspire me.

I have created four zines. They are available at the Sticky Institute, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne or you can request them via the contact form below:

  • New York, I love you (an ode to the city of my dreams), March 2016
  • rare and magical (because redheads are the unicorns of the human species), September 2016
  • That’s what makes you beautiful (Girl II Woman: my dedication to boy bands), February 2017
  • Georgia, a collection of micro stories, February 2017

I dream of New York City. I idolise Katharine Hepburn and Alicia Keys. I revel in silence. I wear red lipstick. I obsess over Eurovision. I adore most things vintage. I defend the Kardashians. I cherish independence. I bleed red and white. I crush on Elvis Presley and Taylor Hanson. I am adorned with one tattoo (and I want more.) I passionately believe in staying true to who I am, no matter what.

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